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 2023-2024 Season

Junior Rifle & Pistol Program

Vancouver Rifle & Pistol Juniors program is a community oriented competitive rifle and pistol program. Our primary focus is on SAFE gun handling and SAFE range procedures. The program is affiliated with USA Shooting, NRA and CMP (Civilian Marksman Program) junior programs. The junior’s staff consists of certified rifle and pistol coaches and range safety officers. Junior team members do travel to local, state and national competitions. Age requirements are from 10 to 19 years of age (Air pistol starting age is 8).

New shooters are given a one on one safety instruction and firearm handling from one of our certified rifle or pistol coaches. New shooter instruction is conducted every Monday at 4:00 pm. Upon satisfactory completion, a live one on one firing instruction is also conducted.

All gear, rifle, or pistol is provided during the first 2 Monday practices, consisting of firing of 2 targets.

After the first 2 practices, a decision will be required as to continuing into the program as a competitive shooter. A review of junior team requirements, parental/team agreement signed and yearly fee collected ($50 per year). At that juncture, the shooter is required to provide their own ammunition, which is available at the range for a cost. Course of instruction proceeds from supported prone to unsupported prone, kneeling and then offhand(standing).  Air Pistol is done at a bench supported.

All traveling team members will be strongly encouraged to maintain junior memberships in USA Shooting, NRA, CMP, and the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association. Which is how averages are tracked for local, regional and national competitions.

Junior team members do traditionally see improvement in focus, maturity, grades and responsibility.

Club coaches focus on safety, responsibility, technical skills and having fun through success.

Junior's Program Director:  Katelyn Alala


Katelyn Alala (Rifle)Rob King (Rifle)Jerry Schadler (Rifle & Pistol)